You Can Influence the City Budget

Mayor Burgess released his budget proposal for 2018 on Monday. The first budget hearing is coming up fast on Thurs, Oct 5th (next week!) so we wanted you to know right away how his proposal measures up to SHSC’s 2018 Budget Recommendation Portfolio.


The bottom line is that while the Mayor has proposed some new investments, including two from our portfolio, there is much more than can and should be done.  The increase in homelessness investments he has proposed, for example, is just 3%. If our top priority as a city is to make Seattle a Just and Thriving Community, City Council must bring the City’s investment in solutions up to the scale of our challenges!


It will only happen if you MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

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SCAM ALERT:  We have been notified that SHSC’s good reputation is being used to give credibility to fraudulent phone calls.  Do NOT give any personal information to someone claiming they are from SHSC who says they have money to give you, but they need identifying information from you. SHSC doesn’t give grants. These calls have all the hallmarks of being attempts at identity theft.  


SHSC urges anyone who gave confidential information to anyone claiming to be from SHSC to contact both the Seattle Police non-emergency line, 206/625-5011, and the Attorney General’s office to report the fraudulent activity. M-F 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

advocacy works!

As a result of innovative ideas and persuasive advocacy from SHSC coalition members and program participants, the Mayor and City Council added $8,616,059 for community health and human services in 2017 and $4,546,853 in 2018, bringing us closer to our shared vision of a just and thriving community--one where all Seattle residents can reach their full potential.  (See the full list of human services adds here). 

SHSC’s new process and approach for this year's budget cycle--SHSC members and coalitions writing and submitting their own ideas for recommendations--created a new kind of budget recommendation portfolio and a new kind of SHSC membership engagement and advocacy. We want to continue to build on that energy, now more than ever! Keep an eye out for information we’ll send out in February regarding the formation of next year’s City Budget Task Force. 





THE SEATTLE HUMAN SERVICES COALITION is a multi-racial, multi-cultural group of human service providers and concerned community members committed to helping Seattle-King County residents meet their basic human needs.  Our work is organized through thirteen member coalitions each representing an area of service within the community. These groups of diverse individuals collaborate to identify a shared agenda and mobilize communities to act on  a vision to help our communities meet their basic human needs.


Together our community and coalition members use what they've learned providing services to provide information to policy makers in order to collectively shape public policy on issues affecting quality childcare, aging, disabilities, sexual assault, healthcare, hunger, homelessness, employments, racial equity and youth development.

We also work with partners in sectors outside of human services, like faith communities, environmentalists, and labor, toward our shared vision of a Just and Thriving Community


We advocate together on issues affecting the residents of Seattle and King County and their abilities to meet their basic human needs. 

We collaborate to shape public policies that promote racial equity and social justice, and also allow our residents to have food when in hunger, access to affordable housing and shelter, safety and affordable healthcare.

We encourage investment in people in order to secure resources that allow our residents to survive, advance, and build healthy communities.

We educate policy-makers and the community, sharing information on current issues related to meeting basic human needs and revealing the face of people described by to statistics.