2019 City of Seattle and King County Candidates Online Survey

SHSC’s 2019 Candidates’ Questionnaire for the Primaries

The Seattle Human Services Coalition (SHSC) is a multi-cultural, multi-racial community of human service providers and concerned individuals who help Seattle residents reach their full potential. Together we help shape public policy on issues such as ending homelessness, hunger relief, domestic violence prevention, quality affordable child care, healthcare, racial equity, youth development, violence prevention and more.

The 2019 Candidate’s Questionnaire provides an opportunity for candidates to communicate their perspectives on important human services issues in Seattle and King County and gives residents the opportunity to make informed decisions when casting their votes.

All Seattle City Council and King County Council candidates were invited to complete SHSC’s 2019 Candidates’ Questionnaire. Members of SHSC and Candidate Forum co-sponsors submitted the questions, which were then selected for inclusion by this committee of SHSC members.  The questions were chosen to cover a wide range of human service issues in our region, all of which impact Seattle and King County residents’ ability to build our well-being and reach our full potential. 

After the primary, SHSC and co-sponsors will host SHSC’s 2019 Human Services Candidates’ Forum, on September 19, 2019, from 5-7:30pm, at which the two candidates who made it past the primary for each seat will have the chance to connect with voters and share their vision for human services and creating a just and thriving community in Seattle and King County. Get it on your calendar now!

As a nonprofit organization, SHSC does not make candidate endorsements or show preference toward any candidate. This effort constitutes nonpartisan voter education allowed under state and federal law, to help you evaluate each candidate according to their articulation of their beliefs, policy priorities, and solutions to the challenges of helping Seattle residents reach their full potential.

Note: All Seattle and King County Council candidates who filed were invited to participate and all who took the time to address our issues are posted. Some candidates chose not to respond.

Your vote is your voice: Make your voice count!

Sincerely, Members of the SHSC Candidates’ Forum Committee,

Jerry                                   Alicia                                  Liz                                       Hillary

Jerry L. Peerson                Alicia Glenwell                  Liz Agi                               Hillary Coleman

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Click here to read the questions sent to each candidate. Click on each candidate's name to read how they answered our questions. Candidates' names without links did not send a response to the survey. 

Seattle City Council — District 6

Seattle City Council — District 7

King County Council — District 2

  • Girmay Zahilay

  • Stan Lippmann

  • Larry Gossett

King County Council — District 4

King County Council — District 6

  • Bill Hirt

  • Claudia Balducci

King County Council — District 8

Seattle City Council — District 1

Seattle City Council — District 2

Seattle City Council — District 3

Seattle City Council — District 4

Seattle City Council — District 5