Outstanding Organization / Program:

this award will be awarded to an outstanding established agency or program that provides services to low-income people within the city of Seattle. 

Innovative Program

this award will be presented to a new or substantially redesigned human service (implemented or redesigned after Jan 2007) that has successfully initiated services in a particularly innovative manner. 

Excellence in Advocacy

this award will be presented to an individual who is a recognized leader in the human services community, creating positive change, engaging in active coalition building, and demonstrating diligence in identifying and meeting unmet needs. 

Stewardship Award: 

this award will be presented to a business, private or public foundation, local government office or employee thereof, media, public official, or private individual who demonstrates long-standing support and advocacy of human services.

Ron Chisom Anti-Racism Award:

this award will be presented to an agency, organization, or individual who has demonstrated a commitment to dismantling racism within an organization and within the broader community.