Our vision for a Just & Thriving Community guides our work and our policy recommendations.

Together, we can build a just and thriving community if we make it our priority, and if we remove institutionalized barriers that keep this from occurring. The resources currently exist to sustain the basic human needs of each of our community’s members if we choose to direct them towards that goal.   Acting together and putting people first, we do have the power to reach our shared vision of a Just &  Thriving Community.

We see the need for change.



We believe that it is an essential human right for every person to have access to the basic necessities and resources for human survival and advancement. These are also the social determinants of health; components essential for improved and, more cost effective, community-wide health outcomes. It is our shared responsibility to provide the supports needed to build strong, healthy communities and help each of us reach our full potential. 

These necessities and resources include:

  • safe and affordable housing
  • adequate nutritious food
  • access to quality health care
  • a livable wage job to support self and family
  • affordable and available community activities;
  • universal, quality education;
  • high quality, affordable child care that is culturally competent, conveniently located and meets the needs of working parents;
  • freedom from physical harm as well as mental and emotional coercion
  • economic, environmental and social sustainability