We're 30 and we're celebrating!!

            WROC and SHSC shared offices, 1998

            WROC and SHSC shared offices, 1998


Follow the link to RSVP for our 30th Anniversary Celebration, June 8th from 5:30pm - 8:30pm. 


Our Mc for the evening 

Teresita Batayola - (of ICHS, 2010 Outstanding Organization Award Winner)

speakers celebrating shsc's 30 years

Proclamation from Mayor Ed Murray 

Alison Alfonzo Pence - 2015 Excellence in Advocacy Award Winner

Mike McGinn - Former City of Seattle Mayor

Tim Warden-Hertz - (of NWIRP, 2012 Ron Chism Anti-Racism Award Winner)

Peter Steinbruek - 2006 Stewardship Award Winner, Former Seattle City Councilmember

Laura Wells - 2003 Excellence in Advocacy Award Winner

Dannette Allen - 2004 Mayor's Award Winner

Mark Okazaki - 2004 first City Budget Task Force Chair 

Alan Painter - 2002 Stewardship Award Winner

Venus Velazquez - P.R. & Strategy Consultant to the King County Alliance for Human Services, 2004-2006          

Honoring tony lee

Patricia Hayden -  (of E. Cherry YWCA, 2007 Outstanding Organization Award)

Steve Daschle - (of SWYFS, 2008 Outstanding Organization Award Winner)

Gordon McHenry  -(of Solid Ground, 2007 Ron Chism Anti-Racism Award Winner)

Sharonne Navas  - (of Equity in Education Coalition, 2014 Ron Chism Anti-Racism Award Winner)

Frank Chopp - 2008 Stewardship Award Winner

Diane Narasaki - of ACRS


Our celebration will be held at the beautiful Daybreak Star Cultural Center in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle.  Bring your cameras to capture the scenic views that surround the center. 

Daybreak Star is wheelchair accessible, however parking is limited.  Please check back for updates on parking accommodations!

Map and Directions




                                               This year our celebration will be catered by Pyramid Catering.  Together we

                                               we created a diverse menu that meets our guests various dietary needs.

                                               We encourage you to look at the Dinner Buffet Menu for that evening!

                                               There will be many different beverage options, including beer wine!


Special Thanks to our diamond sponsor

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Platinum Sponsor

Kaiser Permanente

Gold sponsor

Vulcan inc.

Asian Counseling and Referral Services

Bronze sponsors

* Catholic Community Services * International Community Health Services * Southwest Youth and Family Services * YWCA * Recovery Cafe * The Food Bank at St. Mary's * Operation Sack Lunch * Youth Development Executives of King County * Child Care Resources * South Seattle Emerald * Radar Cakes * Fremont Brewing Company * Newsprint Wines * West Seattle Food Bank * Jens Strecker and Julie Howe of Portalis * FRANS Chocoloates *

If you would like to see your organizations name listed here please contact

Kim Chae: kchae@shscoalition.org

for more information on becoming a sponsor